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PTC thermistors of the series M are ceramic semiconductor devices on the basis of Bariumtitanat. Due to their shape they are perfectly suitable to be used in electrical windings of motors and transformers. In case the nominal response temperature is exceeded they change their resistance in a sudden rise. This change in resistance can be registered for example by an electronic device.

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Features of the Series M:

  • Internationally applicable because of UL approval for the whole temperature range
  • High response sensitivity by use of a miniature PTC with smallest diameter of 2mm, 1.8mm diameter optionally
  • Reliable evaluation by cold resistance R25 < 100 Ω
  • Standardised characteristic curve according to DIN 44081 (single) & 44082 (triple)
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance by a thermally conductive protection layer
  • Long term thermal stability by optimised material composition of the PTC ceramic
  • Safe separation by suitable isolation structure
  • Cost efficient special versions for further automated processing



 M series 1

 M series 2


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