Highest quality – through 100% control

As a manufacturer of safety components we are aware of our huge responsibility.

Therefore the quality of our products always complies with the requirements concerning safety and its international  standards. It is the key factor of our competitive ability and the progress of our business.

We work continuously on the improvement of our routines and processes, especially regarding the protection of the environment and provided resources.

Our aim is the priority position as a supplier of design and products for thermal sensors and safety components.

The certification of our processes we see as a basis for your trust in us. Out of that reason, our business is certified according to DIN ISO 9001/2015 and DIN ISO 14001. TMC meets all the requirements to a modern, innovative company with awareness of its responsibility to society.


ISO 9001 farbe de

The approbations of safety components are a precondition for selling products on national and international markets. With these approbations, reliability and quality of our products are confirmed by independent certification boards.


The following certification boards have confirmed our quality and reliability:

VDE = Verband der Elektrotechnik, https://www.vde.com/de

UL   = Underwriters Laboratories, https://germany.ul.com/

CCC = China Compulsary Certification, http://www.cqc.com.cn/www/english/

tmc zertifikat