Our History - Loyal to our location in Germany

The TMC Sensortechnik GmbH was founded 1995 by dipl.-Ing. Bruno Gengenbach and Dipl.-Ing. Jens Radbruch, in association with Dipl.-Ing. Udo Witteck. Several business owners came from the field of development. At the site Bretten in South Germany, we develop high quality thermal protectors and thermal sensors.

Our patented and fully automatic production of switches is based on future oriented and environmentally friendly production technology at our site in Germany.

Consistent high quality and reliability are 100 % guaranteed by our production control.


 MG 0884 

Milestones of our company

1995 - Establishment of the company TMC Sensortechnik GmbH by Dipl.-Ing. Bruno Gengenbach and

           Dipl.-Ing. Jens Radbruch. As a silent partner, Dipl.- Ing. Udo Witteck became involved with 2% into the


           Development of the series C1 of today’s thermal protectors and the for it necessary 

           fully automated  production plant.


1996 - Relocation into the company buiding and further development of the existing switch type.

           Market introductions of the C4-series, C8-series and K-series.


2005 - Extension of the production facility and thus production capacity. A second,

           stronger production line was introduced, with which it is nowadays possible

           to produce in two independently existing assembly lines.


2008 - Development and market introduction of a new self-holding switch - the series R.


2010 - For the expansion of the product range, a new miniature switch was developed ,

           the series F. The F-switch is the smallest switch on the market and mainly finds its use in EC


           EC Anwendung eingesetzt. 


2012 - Development and market introduction of a new, more efficient series,

           which can switch streams up to 16A - the series G.


2015 - Development of a sensor as an alternative to the KTY, which can be produced

           automatically - the sensor-series S.


2016 - Market introduction of the sensor-series S, as well as their simultaneous further development.