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Temperature protectors of the R-series are high performance miniature bimetal switches which can be used in a wide range of applications and different devices. They are specifically designed for the use in electrical windings what makes them the ideal choice for the protection of motors, transformers and chokes when an automatic reset is not wanted. Protectors of this current sensitive series sense the temperature of the protected device, but also respond to the self heating of the current carrying bimetal disc.  This characteristic significantly reduces temperature overswinging, if the switch is used in the windings main current circuit. The contacts open in a snap action when reaching the cut off temperature. The electrical self-hold is guaranteed by a heating element mounting parallel to the switching mechanism. A reset of the switch is only possible by disconnecting the device from the power supply. Numerous customizations extend the spectrum of applications.

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Features of the series R:

  • Secure self-holding by integrated PTC heating element
  • Highest pressure resistance by ideally domed housing and mechanically decoupled switching mechanism
  • Thermally solid connections by welded wire connections
  • Constant dimensions by front side mounted wires for all wire cross sections
  • PCB application by integrated THT and SMD terminals
  • Position-independant use by symmetrical design
  • Electromagnetic shielding by ferromagnetic housing
  • Constant resistance by optimal contact material, high contact pressure and sliding contacting
  • Consistent high quality level by fully automated production with integrated monitoring


R series 1


R series 2




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